Christmas Light

christmas light

Wee One™

Fabric: 32 count Dirty Belfast linen, Zweigart, 732-562-8888
Fibers: Christmas Light Pillow: Anchor, (262, 845, 885, and 897)
Christmas Light Framed (Pictured below): Anchor, (262, 372, 845, and 897)
Embellishments: Christmas Light Pillow: Small Star #991020AG, Wichelt Imports, Inc., 608-788-4600
Christmas Light Framed (Pictured below): Mini Brass Star, Homespun Elegance, 540-371-6377
Finishing: Christmas Light Pillow: Square Pillow, 7 count Sand Klostern, red/stars ruffle, Adam Original, 612-459-6793
Christmas Light Framed (Pictured below): Mirror/Frame, 2300G, East Side Mouldings, 800-840-6077

Christmas Light pictured in East Side Mirror Frame
with Wee Angel.

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